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NextGen Interactive Media is an industry leader dedicated to publishing innovative, informative, and quality web sites and publications (in-print). Over time, we have developed strong relationships through a strategic alliance with our partners, which include prominent trade show management organizations and professional associations across Canada. These corporate bonds, combined with our efforts, have maximized our expertise to serve. We are richly enabled to help you

► Aspire

► Build

► Complete your goals, the basic ABC's of achievement.

Accordingly, we bring two decades of innovation and experience to today’s IT industry. These are yours to capitalize upon, in whatever way is most advantageous to you!

In general, NextGen's in-print publications cover various markets, including post-secondary education, corporate training, employment, accounting and finance, and information technology. Our literary reach extends to over 313 million readers annually, and our web sites are visited by over 65 million surfers worldwide, annually.

Notwithstanding NextGen's diverse enterprise, our primary objective is to create a network of industry leaders, like yourself, throughout Canada, and ally them with a wide range of markets (government, businesses, individuals, etc.) requiring their services. To achieve this goal, we source and compile comprehensive listings from specific business sectors, in order to develop informational and connectional websites. This effort is part of a massive marketing campaign specifically designed to help you launch or further your professional ambitions and ultimately maximize your potential.

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